Pleco Chinese Dictionary for iOS and Android

We make exactly one product - "Pleco Chinese Dictionary", an all-in-one Chinese dictionary / flashcard / document reading / etc app which we currently offer for iPhone / iPad / iPod and Android - anytime anybody mentions "Pleco," that's probably what they're talking about. All of the features we’re known for are covered by that single app.

The basic version of Pleco is a free download, and includes our full dictionary search engine, a couple of very nice dictionaries, a light version of our document reader function (tap-lookup text in the clipboard), basic audio support, and no advertising.

Many additional features are available as paid in-app purchases, but we try very very hard not to be pushy about them. You'll never get a popup nagging you to buy anything; in fact, as long as you stay out of the "Add-ons" screen, you should hardly even be aware they exist. Think of Pleco more like an e-book store - some books are free, others you have to pay for, but we're happy to have you using our software even if you never spend a dime. That being said, we have a whole lot of really spectacular dictionaries and other add-on features available, so we certainly hope you’ll find a few things in our catalog that you’d like to buy.

The iOS version of Pleco requires an iPhone 3GS or later, an iPad 2 or later, or a Retina-display-equipped iPod Touch. The Android version requires Android 2.3 or later, and is available outside of Google Play for users in China or with non-Google Android devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Old Products

Our Chinese dictionary software was previously available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile as well - see this page to re-download that software, or go to My Orders to retrieve your purchase / activation info. Previous Palm / WM purchases can usually be migrated to our iOS or Android software free of charge - see this page for iOS and this page for Android transfer instructions. Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions we are no longer able to sell our Palm/WM software to any new customers.

Many years ago we briefly offered a “Berlitz Phrase Books product” for Palm OS - it didn’t sell very well, but if you’re one of the few people who bought it and you need help recovering that purchase on a new Palm (or a device running a Palm emulator), contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Other Platforms

We have no current plans to support Windows Phone (an entirely different OS from Windows Mobile) or any other version of Windows, or to support any other mobile OS like BlackBerry / Ubuntu / Firefox / Tizen / Bada / Symbian / webOS / Sailfish / etc. We may consider supporting Mac OS at whatever point Apple decides to merge iOS and Mac OS into a single platform.